Natural Perfume, 8 ml Cologne, Womens Mens Fragrance, Your Choice plus bonus Samples, Botanical
  • Natural Perfume, 8 ml Cologne, Womens Mens Fragrance, Your Choice plus bonus Samples, Botanical
  • Natural Perfume, 8 ml Cologne, Womens Mens Fragrance, Your Choice plus bonus Samples, Botanical
Natural Perfume, 8 ml Cologne, Womens Mens Fragrance, Your Choice plus bonus Samples, Botanical
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Loom of Smoke
Moth and Butterfly
the Rose Bee
Whisper Something
Poetes Fleur and Reves Jonquil sold separately
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Ambra - Unisex. Fossilized amber with its earthy, woodsy note, my own blended amber, with cistus, vetiver, and forest notes. My original Amber themed perfume. This perfume is perfect to mix with most other perfumes listed here.
Chartreuce - Fresh air, citrus, green flora, deep moss.
Effie - a lavender breeze with a vanilla base.
Genoveva - Delicious Orange Blossoms, neroli, sweetness, pale wood and vanilla.
Greenland - Tunra wildflowers, green flora, fresh air, moss.
Hattie - lemonbalm, mountain pepper, vitrus, ylang ylang, florals and hawaiian sandalwood.
HONEY LOVE - Opens with sweet lime citrus. Lush with honeyed florals that effuse sweet, warm, sun drenched blooms. Main notes are Linden, white floral, citrus, honeysuckle, faint balsam.
Isobell's Lilies - Botanical Natural Perfume with Lily, Magnolia Leaf and Citrus Blossom
Lila - notes of softest rose, lilac and heliotrope on a light wood base. A pretty, feel good perfume.
Loom of Smoke - Walk into the forest and breathe in the scented damp foggy woods, dense fragrant moss, and towering trees. Other notes of fir and pine veiled in faintest smoke, a hint of wild lavender, black currant, incense, fossilized amber, Alc version in pure grain alc tincture of 3000 yr old cedar bark. Oil version infused with ancient bark.
Miss Mary Jane - inspired by a female botanist. Notes of champa flower, faint plumeria, lightest peach note with incense. Faintly smokey, sandalwood base. From the Lady Botanists series.
Moon Shadow - Night blooms reach for the light of the moon while their roots push further into the dark earth for nourishment. A botanical perfume with a sense of light, warmth and the shadowy side.
Moth and Butterfly – the soft floral air at twilight with notes of night blooming flowers and the scent of dry woods and vanilla. A perfume that makes you feel good.
Poete Fleur - Seriously dirt-soil and daffodil, hints of Jasmine. Very green and complimented with tonka bean.
Reves Jonquil – Sophisticated floral featuring daffodil, jasmine, ylang ylang. Very similar to Poetes but a little less green, a little warmer, with more floral.
Russe Violette - natural wild Violette and berries on soft woods.
Safie - inspired by Mary Shelley', the author of Frankenstein. The notes conjure an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The main notes are Earthiness, Vanilla, Spice, dark woods and hints of Autumn leaves.
Smolder (smokey) - Smoke, leather, Notes Include leather accord, tobacco, smoke, vanilla, faint citrus
incense, orange flora
The Rose Bee - notes of honeycomb, beeswax, clover, saffron and an abundance of rose. A very honeycomb and wild rose scent with notes of wild pink roses, clover, with a veil of light leathery saffron, powder and hay hovering in the background. Helps support pollinators!
Tranquility - the sweetest smelling forest with jammy Fir and fresh forest air.
Whisper Something - a butterfly garden of wild flowers, tropical and exotic scents.
Wonder - opening of fruit, labdanum flowing into a heart of jasmine with a natural musk base.
Ziza – a breeze trailing through a land of woods, fern and dried grasses. Begin with fresh sweet
citrus of Bergamot from Italy, add a hint of things to come with the smoothest veil of vetiver wafting in. A beautiful wild bouquet of tall, dry wild grasses, woods and herbs appear, including faintest wild blue geranium. The base brings out the light coumaric fougere with dreamy balsamic notes and a hint of the gourmand warmth of tonka bean
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